Algorithms for medical imaging and rehabilitation

The powerful computer-aided tools that have been clinically tested and have shown outstanding performance.

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Законодательная база Эквадора в области медицинских изделий

Automated Chest X-ray Interpretation – qX-Telligence

qX-Telligence can detect abnormal findings on a chest X-ray. It can be used to separate normal from abnormal X-rays, for pre-read assistance, or as a radiology audit tool. qX-Telligence includes patented algorithms that can detect a total of 29 findings on the chest X-ray.

Sort chest x-rays in the Worklist

qX-Telligence is a chest X-ray screening tool built with deep learning. It classifies chest X-rays as normal or abnormal, identifies the abnormal findings, and highlights them on the X-ray. qXR can also analyse multiple scans from the same patient sequentially and create a progression report to detect changes in lesions over time.


Законодательная база Эквадора в области медицинских изделий

The powerful computer-aided diagnosis tool that detects all types of fractures in radiography

FractEX is a computer-aided diagnosis tool designed by radiologists for radiologists to optimize their workflow without changing their habits. Our software is capable of detecting fractures in standard X-rays or CT scans. It has been clinically tested and has shown outstanding performance.

Rehalect qTech

Законодательная база Эквадора в области медицинских изделий

Diagnostics and Rehabilitation - Rehalect qTech

Rehalect qTech is a markerless system for diagnostics and rehabilitation. Without sensors on the patient’s body or platform, the doctor receives an assessment of balance, gait, joint load, plus a rehabilitation complex with biofeedback with augmented reality and motivation games. The system is as simple as possible: training takes about 2 hours for both doctors, and specialists. The complex can be used both for work in the clinic, and for remote rehabilitation, with no differences for the doctor or the patient.

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