Apart from that...

To arouse attention in someone

he was pulled over for speeding

(of an action) seeming sensible and judicious in the circumstances


we made stilted conversation
(stiff and self-conscious or unnatural)

self-conscious = tense, uneasy, uncomfortable

If they were here they'd be all over us by now.

He drove in an erratic course down the road.
She can be very erratic

After I'd finished the exam, I checked my answers for mistakes.

"Company, fall in!" shouted the sergeant-major.
"Fall out, men!" shouted the sergeant-major.

An idea has taken hold

Take it out on me, not on her

Police officers posing as customers

the wind had torn open a rift in the clouds

a crack, split, or break in something

She had done her best to comfort him, insofar as she was able (to the degree that)

they conspired to incite riots
he incited loyal subjects to rebellion

The trick about salamanders is finding them


not generous, or unwilling to spend money

I am true to my word

I decided to pull over on to the hard shoulder

tacky /ˈtaki/

He left home after falling out with his parents.
The two fell out over coaching tactics a long time ago.

How can anyone sit down when your clothes are all over the room?
There were posters all over campus.
There's trash all over the street

It would be great if you could help, but I don't want to put you out.

She says that she doesn't smoke, but she is always mooching cigarettes from her friends.
borrow, beg, get without paying

Runaways hunkered down (схорониться) in all sorts of places along the railroad

A rogue employee might tap into the computer.

rogue hacker

Then he goes to the laptop and picks up where he left off

persevering with something despite setbacks
persevere /ˌpəːsɪˈvɪə/

undeterred /ˌʌndɪˈtəːd/
he was undeterred by these disasters

he gave a perfunctory nod

nauseous; feeling sick

in the morning he was still pale and queasy

No matter what they say, she is bound to run for mayor.

product is in line to go to market

Have the police managed to get a line on any of the suspects?

to get or have information about

She thinks it's her due

to keep one's promise

he held back, remembering the mistake he had made before

push back = postpone

I can't believe you dumped your girlfriend.

get rid of, reject

like clothes that have been outgrown

I had barely walked in the door when reporters were all over me for a story.
You were all over your sister about her eating habits.
Man, the boss is all over me for that report.

haywire /ˈheɪwʌɪə/

her imagination had gone haywire

huge waves crashed down on to us

acid fallout from power stations

radioactive fallout

You think you gonna win me over by calling me a racist?

To signal concern to someone

they played a very heads-up game

showing alertness or perceptiveness.

I'm holding up my end and you had better hold up yours.

our return flight was held up for seven hours

my lack of experience held me back a bit

You're holding up the line

discard or remove from service (a redundant, old, or inoperative vehicle, vessel, or machine), especially so as to convert it to scrap metal. /in'ap(e)rativ/ /ken'vert/

scrap /skrap/

When is the baby due?

extenuating circumstances


he tried to elude the security men by sneaking through a back door

escape from or avoid (a danger, enemy, or pursuer), typically in a skilful or cunning way

They really look up to you

Daniels was held back a year, repeating the eighth grade

There are thousends of spieces of beetles alone

my friend kept a straight face when he joked

he was pulled over for speeding

the milk has gone bad

tail light

distress signal

Nothing can hold off its collaps

having or showing compassion or benevolence


Are you doing her

Have my salaries from the previous year been factored into the current year's expenses

Some stars are bright, some are dim

hunker down = make deep squat

My patience is wearing thin

prices increase
prices rise

Dua Lipa is of Albanian descent

all along
все это время

She's such a show-off, she always wants to be the centre of attention

indulge in aimless thoughts or daydreams

now wasn't the time to wool-gather

He tilted his chair backwards and put his feet up on his desk.

sprawled figures basking in the afternoon sun

She's 10 years on you

I asked her to be my wife, and was rebuffed in no uncertain terms

inverse correlation

I'm here about Stacy


a high degree of redundancy is built into the machinery installation

crack a bottle

why should I even bother?

any change is bound to have legal ramifications


to be touching someone in a sexual way everywhere on their body
She was all over him, kissing him and running her hands through his hair

Plug it in

evoke a particular memory, idea, emotion, or response
the sight evoked pleasant memories of his childhood

drive smb. out






Do you want this on your hands? (на твоей совести)

chip a nail

brass knuckles

Strictly Business

embark on a mission

he was set up and must fight his case


flip through

I wouldn't put it quite like that

Mind if I take the window seat

Mind if I borrow the pen

(=would you ... took / borrowed)

Would you mind if I didn't go tonight?

Would you mind not singig right now?

I'd rather you not do that

otherwise it prompts the question: where is the ‘R’ from MDRC

specializing with ‘z’ is US spelling; whereas specialising with ’s’ is EU spelling

you need to be vigilant for this when writing/translating text


irritate; annoy.

it irks her to think of the runaround she received

give someone the runaround

I'm trying to get a new visa, but the embassy staff keep giving me the runaround.

to refuse to help someone, sending them to someone or somewhere else to get help

... improved with less words, less machine tone to the words ...

I won’t be back at base until mid next week

if you can keep going with editing down all the main pages in the same way as these ones you have worked on, I can then come in behind you and start further editing of them

A quick follow-up to earlier email

it detracts from it

Let me know what you think and we can take from there

Did they even receive the email? Are they too swamped with tasks? Or could it have gotten lost in their overflowing inbox?


neat and trim in dress and appearance (typically used of a man)

he looked very dapper in a dark silk suit

I really didn't want to go away this weekend but, oh well, it can't be helped

There's nothing for it but to go all in.

Don't give me any back talk!